Untitled (Rainbow)  2012  31 digital c-prints and pins 40 x 40 inches

Untitled (Rainbow) 2012 31 digital c-prints and pins 40 x 40 inches

Untitled (Time Capsule)  2011- 2012  Chrome plated bamboo  Dimensions variable

Untitled  2011  Hanging plant  Dimensions variable

Untitled (RGB)  2008  CRT Projector, DVD  Dimensions Variable

Untitled (RGB) 2008 CRT Projector, DVD Dimensions Variable

Untitled (Log with Model of the Universe)  2005  Hollow log with moving light  30 x 30 x 60 inches


Untitled (Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s Vertumnus, 1590 or 1591, Scratch & Sniff),  2014  Archival Scratch & Sniff ink on coated cover stock  33 x 24 inches

Untitled (Slow Motion Campfire)   2009   Video, Continuous Loop   26.5x 37 inches projection

01_Sculpture-Silhouette 02_Sculpture-Silhouette 03_Sculpture-Silhouette 04_Sculpture-Silhouette 07_Sculpture-Silhouette 08_Sculpture-Silhouette 09_Sculpture-Silhouette 11_Sculpture-Silhouette 12_Sculpture-Silhouette 13_Sculpture-Silhouette 14_Sculpture-Silhouette 15_Sculpture-Silhouette 06_Sculpture-Silhouette 17_Sculpture-Silhouette 18_Sculpture-Silhouette

Untitled (Line after B. Nauman’s TTAHTWBRMT)  2004  Neon and Wire  48 x 48 x 48 inches

Untitled (Balloon Equilibrium)  2010  Balloons, string, helium  Dimensions variable

Untitled (Lines)  2011  Neon  Dimensions variable

Untitled (Koko)  2002  Digital c-print  14 x 11 inches

Untitled (Circle Drawing)  2006  Chalk  Dimensions variable

01_ColorWheel 02_ColorWheel 03_ColorWheel 04_ColorWheel 05_ColorWheel 06_ColorWheel 07_ColorWheel 08_ColorWheel 09_ColorWheel 10_ColorWheel 11_ColorWheel 12_ColorWheel 13_ColorWheel 14_ColorWheel 15_ColorWheel 16_ColorWheel 17_ColorWheel

Untitled (Color Wheel)
Motor, steel, plexiglass, solyx color film, and existing skylight 16 foot diameter

Musicians who performed with Untitled (Color Wheel) in the spring of 2008 include Talibam (Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea of Coptic Light, Storm & Stress), Flowers of Flesh & Blood (Chris Johanson, Sean Kennerly and Hisham Bharoocha of Black Dice and Soft Circle), I.U.D. (Sadie Laska of Growing and Lizzie Bougatsos of Gang Gang Dance), David Grubbs (Gastr del Sol, Codeine and The Red Crayola, ), Enos Slaughter is Carter Thornton, Mark Olreans (Sun Burned Hand of the Man) and David Charles Speer (No Neck Blues Band), Hex Message (Andrew Kuo, Abby Portner of First Nation, Dan Hougland of Exceptor and Pascal Spengemann), Simply Rad
(Jim Drain, Naomi Fisher, Rose Kallal, Nico Tepreff)

Untitled  2012  Aluminum rack and ribbons  63” x 84” x 6″

Untitled (Magnetic Field)  2007  Carpet and sound  Dimensions variable  Installation at Tonya Bonakdar Gallery, 2007


Untitled (Animal Wall) 2008 30 monitors, 30 DVD players, 30 DVDs 84 x 113 x 18 inches


Untitled (Four Color Eclipse) 2007 16mm film loop with motorized color filter

27_peter_coffin_greenhouse_music_for_plants 01_Greenhouse Green House 04_Greenhouse 05_Greenhouse 06_Greenhouse 07_Greenhouse 08_Greenhouse 09_Greenhouse 10_Greenhouse 11_Greenhouse 12_Greenhouse OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 14_Greenhouse 15_Greenhouse 16_Greenhouse 17_Greenhouse OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 19_Greenhouse

Peter Coffin
Untitled (Greenhouse), 2002 -ongoing
Greenhouse, plants, speakers, soundtrack, sound system and musical instruments
Musicians who have performed in the Greenhouse 2002-present:

Alan Licht, Andy Bolus, Barry Weissblatt and Tim Barnes, Black Dice, Cathryn Lane, Chris Corsano with Sean Meehan and Michale Evan, Chris Graves, Chris Weaver & Dan Wilson, Dan Warburton, Dave Shim and Edgar Um Bucholtz, David Grubbs, David Robert seed() and Tetsu Inoue, Die Computer Die, DJ Olive, Don Nino, Dosenos, Eddie ‘stats’ Houghten, EYE (of boredoms), F.F.M (Rodolphe Alexis / vibrö + Matt F / Fraktion recordings), Fenesh P Sing, Cho (Knut Aufermann, Sarah Washington, Chris Weaver, Dan Wilson and Moshi Honen), Gabe Andruzzi and Sam Hilmer, Gnosis, Great Day of Sail, Gwen Jamois, Jams Reyes & Geraldine Gallavardin, Jim O’Rourke, Julie B. Bonnie, Julien Puons, Key, Lewis Gibson & Paul May, Marie-Eve Jetzer, Mark Schreiber, Mark Wylie, Martyn Singleton, Marumari, Matt Valentine and Erika Elder (Medicine Show), Merideth Danluck, Mescalinaedon + Moddol, Minitel, Murmer, Noël Akchoté + Andrew, Noël Akchoté + Jean Marc Montera + Jean François, Pauvros, O.blaat, OOIOO, Otomo Yoshihide, Pete Mandradjief, Zack Prekop, and Rich Aldrich (pre-Hurray), Pierre Yves Macé, Rainier Lericolais + Philippe Gusching + Lili Kim (sous réserve), Postman (Alfredo Genovesi, Lewis Gibson, Paul May), QPE, Raz Mesinai, Richard Crow, Sam Wheeler, Samon Takahashi, Sharpley, Shuta Hasunuma, Silk Flowers, Simplex, Steven Parrino and J. Koether (Electrophilia), Syntony Collective, Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus (LoVid), Tenniscoats, Terry Young Tetine, Viv Corringham, This Invitation, Thunderbolt, Tom Verlaine & Jutta Koether, Trevor Graham, Vincent Epplay, Vincent Madame, Warren Ng and Chris Farnum, Yamini Nayar, Yoshihide Otomo, Zoe and Catrin (Thunderbolt), Z’s

"Untitled (Feedback and Decay of La Monte Young's Composition, #5, 'Butterfly Piece', 1960)"  2006  Butterflies, amplifier, microphone stand, microphone and delay pedal  Variable dimensions

Untitled (Feedback and Decay of La Monte Young’s Composition, #5, ‘Butterfly Piece’, 1960)  2006  Butterflies, amplifier, microphone stand, microphone and delay pedal  Variable dimensions


Untitled (Singing Tree)  2006  Pin electrodes (sensors), signal amplifier, computer and custom software, amplifier, horn speakers  Dimensions variable  Installation at the Wanas Foundation, Sculpture Park and Kunsthalle, Knislinge, Sweden

Untitled (Unfinished Hand)  2006  Reclaimed wood and hardware  120 x 90 x 48 inches

L'Angelus Experience  2001  Video  Dimensions variable

L’Angelus Experience  2001  Video  Dimensions variable




Untitled (Pet Store)  2012  Dodecahedron speaker, stand, live broadcasting software and computers  75 x 30 x 30 inches

Aura Portrait (Sarah)  2002  C-print mounted to ½ inch thick milk white plexi on aluminum shelf  26 x 20 inches


Untitled (Dreaming Seagull)  2006  Taxidermy seagull  17 x 19 x 55 inches

Untitled, 2011

Modified steamroller and amplifier  (performers include People Get Ready and Elliot Bergman)

Untitled (Surrealist Frame)  2007  Gilded frame  Dimensions variable

Untitled (Surrealist Frame)  2007  Gilded frame  Dimensions variable


vanås 0017


Untitled (One-Minute Breach)   2007   Video loop and monitor

Untitled (One-Minute Breach)   2007   Video loop and monitor



Untitled (Yellow Outline)  2008  Solyx film  Dimensions variable

ntitled (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) 2013 Tinted resin and tree Dimensions variable

Untitled (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet)   2013   Tinted resin and tree   Dimensions variable


Untitled (Light Ring)   2013   Illuminated sign and hanging bracket   Light ring: 36 x 36 x 8 inches and bracket: 48 x 21 x 2 inches

peter_coffin_untitled_dog_a peter_coffin_untitled_dog_c peter_coffin_untitled_dog_d 57_great_dane

Untitled (Dog)   2012   Taxidermy   83 x 187 x 83 inches

Untitled (Rainbow)  2005  30 photographs, t-pins  111 3/8 x 100 inches