Imaginary Concerts

Imaginary Concerts is a collaborative project organized by Coffin, featuring the contributions of more than 75 artists, curators, and musicians. At the artist’s invitation, each contributor submitted a fictitious concert line-up they’d like to one day see take place, regardless of how unrealistic or unrealizable. The billings were giving to designer Adam Turnbull, who typeset the texts in the house style of the Colby Poster Printing Co., the LA-based print shop which famously churned out iconic “show print” posters for nearly 65 years before closing their doors in 2012.  
 About Color

About Color is a book that features reproductions of artwork and text by Peter Coffin that together reveal the ways in which color is experienced while answering questions about the science, the culture and the psychology of color. Why does color light mix differently than color paint? How and why do rainbows form the way they do? What is color synesthesia? About Color explains why plants are green, why the sky is blue, why honey is yellow and what sunsets on other planets would look like if we could see them. It tells us about the psychology of colors, it compares our color sensing abilities to those of animals and it explains the nature of our vision and how we perceive color.  

Here is a Hand

Here is a Hand is a book about the persistence of the disembodied hand in art. The “hand of the artist” metaphor for authorship and gesture suggests that the hand has autonomy and an ability to express itself. The disembodied hand is a culturally persistent metaphor for the subconscious, supporting the notion of a separation between the body’s hand and the mind. It gives the hand an aura of a magical self-embodied and conscious autonomy recurring in popular culture and as a useful heuristic for consciousness that draws us to it.  [...]

Another Alphabet

Another Alphabet is an art book showcasing hundreds of modern and contemporary artworks that feature letters of the alphabet. The book presents artworks alphabetically and interspersed with excerpts of texts form art historians, poets, philosophers and artists that concern the significance of letters in art. Artists represented include Danh Vo, Paulina Olowska, Ed Ruscha & Raymond Pettibone, Tony Smith,  [...]


pp. is an illustrated art book featuring reproductions of a photo series by Peter Coffin with an essay by Abraham Orden. The subject of the photos are the pages of books and magazines juxtaposed with one another. The disparate image content of the open pages within the book invites the viewer to contemplate associations . . .  

 Sculpture Silhouettes

Sculpture Silhouettes is an illustrated catalog of an ongoing sculpture series by artist Peter Coffin. Coffin’s sculptures are large sculptures that represent iconic sculptures that by their nature seem to appear and disappear in spaces where the exist as we move around them. The sculptures in this series have been exhibited in New York City Hall Park as well as museums and galleries internationally. . . .

The book features an essay by Dr. Leah Kelly.  


This book includes reproductions of a photo series by artist Peter Coffin in which Silly Putty™ has been pressed on images of iconic artworks and photographed. The material used to copy the image and the images reversal combine organic and photomechanical qualities that remind us of how our mind registers iconic images. . . .

 Grow Your Own

This book is about micronations, concept nation-states, and independent sovereign state movements from around the world. These entities have been created by artists such as Joseph Beuys and Jean Claude and Christo, musicians such as Fela Kuti, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, political dissidents, utopians, activists and individuals with an imagination.

 A Rose is a Rose



Plant Book

Plant Book, is an illustrated book compiled by artist Peter Coffin, containing reproductions of contemporary photography, performance art, drawing, painting and sculpture related to the life of plants and accompanied by three volumes of music composed by contemporary musicians for plants.   [...]